Often billed as a poor man’s Helio Sequence and/or a rich man’s Broken Bells, Stop Don’t Stop is a musical collaboration between M. Cooper (voice/guitar) and DJ Honeysauce (drums/keyboards/etc).

Cooper and Honeysauce first met in the 80’s on the baseball fields of East Pasco. The 90’s found them making mixtapes with their friends using vintage keyboards and instruments Linnea would find at garage sales. After a time, their friends all grew up and became too busy. The friends were replaced with a series of loops, arpeggiators and analogue processors. And because the audience still needs something to look at, they use live drums and guitars.

Stop Don’t Stop’s sound comes from growing up attending pump up the jam school dances on Friday night, then catching indie rock shows on Saturday night. They walk a tight line between 2pac and Two Door Cinema although they are proud to having had to scrap a song because it was an accidental re-write of a Styx melody.